GenXP is honored to join NVIDIA’s Inception Program.

We are thrilled to announce that GenXP has been accepted into NVIDIA’s prestigious Inception Program, marking a groundbreaking collaboration that propels us into the forefront of innovation. This partnership signifies a giant leap forward in our mission to redefine the realm of Digital Human Interaction and bring the extraordinary to the everyday.

Vince McMullin, CEO of GenXP said “I am thrilled to announce our participation in NVIDIA’s Inception Program. Partnering with a tech giant like NVIDIA, whose colossal impact on the AI industry is undeniable, empowers us to forge the next evolution in 3D Digital Humans. We plan to take full advantage of the invaluable support NVIDIA has offered us through the Inception Program including $100,000 in vGPU cloud credits.

At the heart of this collaboration lies the development of GenXP’s cutting-edge 3D AI Assistants. By leveraging the unparalleled 3D technologies crafted by NVIDIA such as Omniverse, we are set to revolutionize the landscape of artificial intelligence, opening new dimensions for lifelike and interactive digital experiences.

GenXP’s AI Agent Abbey Selling Windmills.

GenXP’s 3D AI Assistants are not just virtual entities; they are your personalized guides into the future of immersive discovery. Using NVIDIA’s advanced AI/3D technologies, we are engineering assistants that transcend the ordinary, becoming indispensable companions in your quest for knowledge about the latest products and services.

Our Interactive AI technology will fully support NVIDIA’s innovations, enables consumers to engage with products and services in a way that transcends traditional boundaries. Imagine having a lifelike assistant at your fingertips, ready to showcase and explain the intricacies of new product offerings with unparalleled realism.

One of the key challenges we are undertaking in our collaboration with NVIDIA is the dreaded “uncanny valley effect“. GenXP and NVIDIA are at the forefront of solving this age-old problem, ensuring that our Digital Humans not only bridge the gap between virtual and real but also create an authentic and comfortable user experience.

GenXP is at the helm of this transformative journey. Our 3D AI Assistants are not just assistants; they are the next evolution of 3D Interaction, redefining how consumers discover, learn, and interact with the products and brands they care about.

Join us as we embark on this remarkable adventure, where technology meets humanity, and together, we shape a future where the extraordinary becomes the new ordinary. GenXP and NVIDIA – Empowering Digital Humans, Transforming Experiences! 🚀🤖✨