GenXP Introduces Eve: Chevrolet’s Revolutionary EV Specialist, a Breakthrough in Digital Human AI

GenXP, in collaboration with IPG and Momentum Worldwide, proudly unveils Chevrolet’s EV Specialist, Eve. Eve is powered by our cutting-edge Digital Human AI technology. Designed exclusively for General Motors’ EV Lineup, Eve represents a monumental leap in artificial intelligence technology, seamlessly integrating advanced 3D features to enhance the customer experience. Eve is powered by a […]

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Q-Learning and Why it Matters for AI Agents in UE5

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made remarkable strides in recent years, revolutionizing various fields, from healthcare to entertainment. One prominent area of AI research is reinforcement learning, a paradigm where agents learn to make decisions by interacting with their environment. Q-Learning, a popular algorithm in reinforcement learning, plays a crucial role in training AI agents or […]